Amira Iriz of New York City

“classic, graceful, elegant, breathtaking, surprising, sparkling,

entertaining, breathtaking” — Jareeda Magazine 


“The Light is what we seek, we choose, we envelop ourselves within. It is through this Light we transform our spirits into Raqs Sharqui.”     — A. Iriz


 “Captivating!”  Veronica

 “Amira has the best patience and she breaks it down for you!” Amanda

 “Amira is very accommodating.” Erika

“You were awesome!” Leslie

“She’s a great teacher because while others struggle through large classes, she keeps her classes intimate and makes sure she gets to talk to you.” Janet

 “Awesome and fun! So when are you coming back?”  Natasha

Would you like to take belly dancing classes?

amira@danceamira.net  |  917-251-1269